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Your First Visit

Before Your Visit...

I've received your completed form and have responded via email within 24-48 hours to set a date and time for our first session together! You will receive a confirmation text 72 hours before. (Please click the link to confirm your appointment!) 


Arriving with dry, clean or up to 2-day old hair is ideal.


Feel free to bring a book, laptop, head phones, snacks, or anything else you would like to occupy you or help you relax.


Arriving at the Salon

My salon suite is located inside the Sola Salons located at 816 Brayden PKWY in Fort Mill. It is just off of HWY 160, a few minutes from I-77 and Baxter Village.

When you enter the building, you will turn right and I am the 3rd suite down the hall. If I am not quite ready for you yet, there are benches throughout the building for you to wait.

In my suite, you will enjoy a private, one on one experience where you always have my complete and undivided attention. Come on in! Get comfy. Relax, and get ready for your best hair day ever!

In My Chair

We will start each visit with a thorough consultation where we discuss your current and long term hair goals, as well as any struggles you may currently have.

I am proud to be known for truly listening to my clients and giving them honest feedback about what will or won't work for their specific hair needs, lifestyle and budget.

Once we begin, the tone of the appointment is up to you! I am a total empath, so I am great at catching your vibe and making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Like to chat? Need to vent? Trust me- this girl can TALK!

Want to take this time to relax and rest your eyes? Brought a book to read or some work to catch up on? -I got you girl. I love what I do and can totally get lost in the art of it, giving you the peace and quiet you need.


Your Custom Color & Style

 Once I have chosen the best technique for your specific hair needs, I will formulate a color that is designed specifically for you, then log that information into your personal file so that it is ready and waiting for me at each visit!
Each visit's length of time will vary - but know I take pride in my attention to detail. I'm not a stylist that cuts corners, and you'll always know in advance if you will be spending a longer period of time at the salon for a session.
Feel free to ask me any questions you may have during your visit.  From products to styling tips, I've got you covered!

I will give you a personal styling lesson including home hair care and product knowledge. I will make sure to send you home with any products you'll need to make your color last and keep your hair healthy and easy to style!
I have completed your visit and you are feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself. You can't wait to run home to show off your new selfie-worthy hair!
But wait! Before you go- my favorite part...I get to play photographer for a few minutes (LOL) where i will take some photos of your new do for my social media platforms.
 Don't worry! I will pose you, and tell you exactly what you need to do. I know allll the angles and how to make your true beauty shine.
You leave the salon glowing with confidence. You are happy knowing your new color is going to have a natural and seamless grow-out, and when you need to head back to my website to book your next appointment.

Best Hair Day Ever!

Are you ready to make your #hairgoals come true?

Well, what are you waiting for? Lets get you on the list!

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